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  • Water features and ponds creating your own ecology

  • Patios - Retaining Walls - Bread Ovens - Hot Tubs

  • Steam Rooms - and Stone Furniture such as Living Tables

Other Services include:

Cabin Specifications
  • 1 double French door
  • 1 single door
  • 4 large skylights
  • 6 large windows
  • 2 small windows
  • 1 sliding window
  • Grass roof suitable for water filtration, laid on pvc-coated aluminium sheet roofing, set on a pvc bubble membrane, with felt blanket, on top of a wooden clad ceiling.
  • Skylights evenly spaced to lessen the weight of the grass roof, set on rafters, beams and uprights.
  • Windows may be set in hand cropped stone mullions or wood frames, with optional window seating; behind lies cavity insulation; in front is a felt blanket with added wool and pvc bubble membrane.
  • Outside can be thick choice cuts of rounded bark timber with a half inch air gap to breathe at the back through the eaves and could range from 4 to 10 inches wide and around 3 inches thick and could be coated in a clear wax treatment. Each clad could be laid on a joint of biscuit coloured rubber bedding ranging from around 5 to 7 mil thick to create the log cabin look.
  • Open and close vents near the wooden parquet flooring, laid on a screed with membrane.
  • A side wall outlet for wood burner flue.
  • Suspended mezzanine floor adding an extra 5 square floor metres or more to an already 5 metre by 5 metre area depending on customer’s preference.

This gives you a solid, sound, garden dwelling. An eco-friendly room (4 metres high with 25 square metres floor space) which is a delight to be in! Fully treated for harsh weather, the cabin gives you a light airy fresh environment, which stays warm and dry in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer naturally.