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Garden Buildings
Structural Engineer &
  • Water features and ponds creating your own ecology

  • Patios - Retaining Walls - Bread Ovens - Hot Tubs

  • Steam Rooms - and Stone Furniture such as Living Tables

Other Services include:

Bespoke Cabins

Setin-Stone works with the customer to design and build garden dwellings; Habitable garden cabins and buildings.
Ideal as summerhouses, garden lodges, retirement annexes, spare rooms in your garden, shooting lodges or even office space, Setin-Stone cabins can enhance your living space.

With grass roofs, and skylights, Setin-Stone cabins can offer a warm and dry environment in the winter, while being cool and fresh in the summer.

Sizes and specifications can be tailored to your individual requirements.

All the wood you see in these pictures is for demonstration purposes only.

Bespoke Habitable Garden Buildings/Cabins, Tisbury, Salisbury

Wash Area

Bespoke Sheds, Cabins, Outbuildings, Garden Lodges, Repair, Rebuild, Design, Tisbury, Salisbury

Garden Den

Bespoke Garden Retirement Annex, Tisbury, Salisbury

Rayburn can be Installed

Bespoke Cosy Garden Retreat, Tisbury, Salisbury

Breakfast Bar

Garden Retreat with Hillside Fireplace

Retirement Annex

Garden Dwelling

Garden Dwelling

Garden Dwellings

Upper Chamber for Storage or Rest

Above is a demo of what could be a:

  • Foyer
  • Office
  • Lounge
  • Breakfast bar
  • Wash area
  • Preparation area
  • Rayburn
  • Looking into water filtration off the roof

Plus upper chamber for storage or rest.
Outside rooms can be added on for utilities, steam room etc.